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01 June . 2017

Fun facts about Hollyhock’s Fields House

Reflecting the character of Hollyhock and Frisco, the architecture of our flagship community center amenity, the Fields House, is modern and elegant. At the same time, the Fields House is inviting and comforting for residents of all ages and from all walks of life.

The design vision for the Fields House was to embody sophistication and class through simplicity.  The warm tones of the wood and stone allow residents and visitors alike to feel right at home.  The massive limestone walls are solid and bold, giving feelings of endurance and longevity. 

The interior of the Fields House, with its high ceilings and expansive windows provides a spirit of openness and transparency in contrast to the solid, grounded walls. 

An impressive formal pool creates a stunning visual connection from the community room outwards into the landscape thus enhancing the expansiveness of the interior space. 

By day, the Fields House becomes a flurry of movement and activity.  While by night, light radiates out of the building like a brilliant glass box welcoming home its exclusive residents. 

Here are some more fun facts about the Fields House: 

  • The clubhouse provides 3,580 square feet of interior gathering space, with a great room and the flexibility to combine and create gathering areas of various sizes for resident events. The clubhouse also has a serving bar and catering kitchen, and the indoor areas flow seamlessly to the covered patios in front and back, as well as to the pool area.
  • The great room can be rented by residents for their special events.
  • The fitness center features treadmills, elliptical machines, dumbbells, a Smith machine and stationary bikes.  
  • A fun-filled counterpoint to the big pool, the 700-square-foot splash pad has water amusement features including a flower bucket, a dome spray feature and a trickling bamboo water tower.
  • The clubhouse is clad with elegant Hadrian limestone panels sourced from Oklahoma, in both smooth and sandblasted finishes. Aluminum composite panels and stained natural wood panels provide sophisticated accents to the limestone.
  • Hadrian limestone is also used on the pool water plinths, which contain the waterfall weirs that flow linearly on both sides of the formal pool.
  • The beautiful landscaping at the Fields House and throughout Hollyhock primarily consists of a drought-tolerant native plant palette, helping to conserve water.