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Flowers at Hollyhock

18 May . 2018

At Hollyhock, the beauty is in the details – such as 19,040 petunias

This spring, Hollyhock is a very colorful community, thanks to 12,000 red and white petunias recently planted along its major thoroughfares and in amenities such as Fields House and Fields Park.

Every family in Hollyhock also received 100 petunias to plant in their front yards. Given Hollyhock’s current number of households, that’s a grand total of 19,040 petunias beautifying every park, street and yard in the community.

The petunias are part of Hollyhock’s new relationship with SPSD, an Arlington-based company that has provided quality landscape and irrigation services in North Texas for more than 35 years.

Several times a year, SPSD will add new seasonal color to Hollyhock’s amenities and common areas, and will provide each Hollyhock family with 100 new flowers of the same variety.

SPSD also maintains a permanent porter crew at Hollyhock on a year-round basis, maintaining the common areas as well as each front yard.

“Our professional crew members treat every residence in Hollyhock as if it was their own home,” said Chris Cobb, director of landscape management for SPSD.  “The details make the difference, and our porter crew will be pruning every shrub, deadheading every flower, and watering and fertilizing every plant in Hollyhock’s common areas, to create a beautiful landscape in every season.”

Cobb said that SPSD is paying careful attention to Hollyhock’s landscaping on a “microclimate” basis. “Landscape features such as slopes, shady areas and sunny spots all call for a different maintenance routine, and possibly a different plant,” he said. “When you tend to the smallest of details, it makes a real difference in the overall attractiveness of the community.”

SPSD recently held a landscape seminar to teach Hollyhock residents how to plant and maintain their own landscape plants and flowers.

Cobb said that soil preparation is the most important consideration when adding new plants. “It’s important to work the soil, loosening it up and adding in some premium soil mix and organic matter, so the plants will get good nutrients and have adequate drainage,” he said.

Watering is the second most important activity. At Hollyhock, SPSD is watering the petunias twice a week in the spring, and will increase that to three times a week as the weather warms up.

Lastly, don’t forget to add fertilizer, such as a slow-release fertilizer granular formula every six weeks. “Plants are just like people. They need food,” Cobb said.

See photos of Hollyhock amenities such as Fields House, Fields Park and Dandelion Park.