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Baxter Family - Families of Hollyhock

05 November . 2018

The Baxter family got to Texas and Hollyhock as soon as they could

When Kim and Josh Baxter moved from California to Texas four years ago, they weren’t exactly sure where they wanted to live, but they knew thing for certain. With three sons in school at the time, they wanted to live in Frisco, because of the excellent reputation of the Frisco Independent School District.

One of the main reasons the Baxters moved to Texas was to be closer to Kim’s parents, who have lived in Dallas for 20 years. After renting a home for their first three years in Frisco, they moved into their own new home in Hollyhock last year.

“Frisco schools were our main reason for choosing Hollyhock, especially since it was zoned at the time for the schools our sons were already attending,” Kim said. “The location is perfect for us, and we also love the amenities and activities. It feels like home.”

Fate may have intervened a little to lead the family to Hollyhock. “When we first got here, I kept getting lost along Panther Creek Parkway and the area around Hollyhock, so I took that as a sign we were meant to be here. I found a great job in three days, so that was another good amen,” said Kim, a nurse anesthetist.

Since they got here, their youngest son, Chase, is now a seventh-grader at Trent Middle School, and Parker is a sophomore at Memorial High School, which opened in August 2018. Their oldest son, Jackson, graduated earlier this year and will attend Brigham Young University after he completes two years of missionary service.

After growing up in Utah and spending much of their lives in California, the Baxters say they now feel like true Texans. “Like the old saying goes, we weren’t born here, but we got here as soon as we could,” Kim said. “We’ve lived in many places, and Texas feels like home more than anywhere else.”

“Since we moved here, it seems like everybody wants to be in Frisco, so we feel like trendsetters,” Kim added. In fact, her parents, who have long lived in the Highland Park area of Dallas, are planning to move to Frisco as well.

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