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March Family | Hollyhock

10 October . 2018

Families of Hollyhock - The March Family

Corey March was working in his garage one day in his old neighborhood, when he noticed that his neighbor seemed to be packing up and getting ready to move.

Corey asked the neighbor what was going on, and he replied that his family was moving to a new Frisco community nearby, called Hollyhock.

That started Corey and his wife, Shavon, thinking about making a move as well. They had lived in their old neighborhood of Cobb Hill for 10 years, and it had no amenities, not even a swimming pool. In fact, residents had recently voted against adding a pool, since many of them had children who were already grown and away from home.

“We made a wish list of three things we wanted to have if we were going to move,” Corey said. “We wanted a neighborhood with amenities, and we wanted to get a home with the same amount of space as our old two-story home, but in a one-story floor plan. Most importantly, we wanted to keep our kids in the same Frisco ISD elementary school they were already attending.”

When the March family visited Hollyhock, they found everything they were looking for, and more.

The first model home they visited, Coventry's Design 3163, showcased more than 3,100 square feet on one level. With four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a 3-car garage, and living areas including a family room and game room, Design 3163 checked all of the boxes for the March family.

Then they toured Fields House and Fields Park, Hollyhock’s central recreational amenities. They loved the sparkling swimming pool, the splashy water park, the welcoming interior, and all of the surrounding park space and trails.

Since moving in, they have also fallen in love with Hollyhock’s lifestyle events, attending Dive In Movies, Movies in the Park, the Back To School Party and more.

Corey says the whole family is thrilled with the level of amenities and activities offered in Hollyhock.

“Our old neighborhood did not offer anything in the way of amenities. We had to rent the clubhouse in a friend’s community when my wife and I had our 40th birthday parties,” he said. “We haven’t reserved Fields House yet for a party, but we look forward to it.”

As for schools, the family’s most important priority, they were delighted to discover that Hollyhock was zoned to the same Frisco ISD school, Newman Elementary, that nine-year-old Ryan and six-year-old Jaxon had been attending. In fact, after they moved to Hollyhock and the kids started the new school year at Newman, they learned that their old neighborhood had been rezoned to a different elementary school.

“This is just one of many reasons we’re so happy at Hollyhock,” Corey said.

When not enjoying the amenities and events at Hollyhock, the March family loves to explore Frisco, which Corey describes as a “very family friendly city.”

“We love going to The Star in Frisco and the Frisco Fresh Market,” he said. “You can find everything you would ever want in Frisco, just a few miles from home.”

As for that old neighbor, he’s still happily living at Hollyhock with his family, too, and he and Corey have continued their friendship. “We’ve met so many new friends and neighbors since we’ve moved in, and so have the kids, but it was very nice to start out here with a friend we already knew,” he said.

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