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Thomas Family at Hollyhock

12 September . 2018

Moving to Texas from California, the Thomas family loves their new life at Hollyhock

“I think I was always a Texan at heart, stuck in California,” said Chris Thomas, who along with his wife, Ashlee, and their kids, became one of the first 10 families to move to Hollyhock.

“We have a lot of Texas in us. We’ve adopted Texas very well,” agrees Ashlee. “Coming from California, we really didn’t have any friends in our old neighborhood. All our longtime friends were very spread out, so we rarely saw them. We have so many friends now at Hollyhock, and so do the kids. We’re carpooling with neighbors across the street, and enjoying all the activities at Fields House.”

Moving to Texas was a totally unplanned event for Chris and Ashlee, who have been married for about 10 years.

“Chris started to say, ‘I want to leave California,’ and I was like, ‘you’re nuts, I will die in this house,’” Ashlee said. “He had this idea to come to Dallas and check it out, and we’d never been here except to the airport. I thought I’d hate it, and I could just say, ‘OK, we’ve visited Dallas and we’re staying in California.’ Instead, I felt like I could really live here. Chris started applying for jobs, and six weeks later he landed one.”

The family found a very different sense of community in Texas, compared to what they were used to in California.

“In California, you just pull into your driveway and close your garage door, and you don’t talk to anybody,” Ashlee said. “Hollyhock reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in, where the cul-de-sac was full of families and kids who were always playing and socializing together. I wanted that for my own kids.”

Life at Hollyhock has turned out to be everything the Thomas family hoped for.

“Our kids have built-in playmates, and life here is very spontaneous. We love to hang out at Fields House, especially around the pool, and we take part in almost all of the lifestyle events,” Chris said.

“There’s so much for the kids, and Ashlee and I love the adult events, like the Mixology series. We also loved it when Santa visited Fields House. It saved us a trip to the mall.”

Ashlee recalled when she said she would die in her old house in California. “I know you should never say ‘never,’ but now I say that I’ll die before we ever leave Hollyhock,” she said. “When we fantasize about winning the lottery, our dreams are never about moving out of Hollyhock. If anything, we’d just buy a bigger house here.”

Meet Chris and Ashlee Thomas and more residents of Hollyhock and its sister communities in the Dallas area in our video.