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Ray Bray of Raynboweats | Mompreneur at Hollyhock in Frisco, TX

26 August . 2019

Meet our Mompreneurs: Ray Bray of Raynboweats

We begin our series of profiles of Hollyhock’s Mompreneurs with Ray Bray, founder of Raynboweats.

When Ray decided to quit her job at UPS and stay at home with her children a few years ago, one of her priorities was to prepare healthier food for her family.

She started with the fresh, flavorful Arabic recipes she had always watched her father so skillfully prepare. After she began posting her creations on Instagram, many people began to comment on how colorful the photos were. That inspired the name of Ray’s thriving social media feeds and business, @raynboweats.

Before she knew it, @raynboweats was thriving, and Ray began working with several companies to promote healthy eating. She even went back to school to learn about nutrition and the body. Her recipes are simple and veggie-forward, although she also uses meat. Herbs and spices are huge parts of her approach, lending flavor as well as health benefits.

“I truly believe you should always wake up doing something you love,” says this motivated mother of two daughters. “I hated staying at home at first, but now I love it. Not only am I doing something I love, but most importantly I’m getting to see my kids grow every day.”

Ray cited a common concern of stay-at-home moms, that you can quickly lose yourself and become isolated.

She found a virtual community on Instagram, and that soon led to real-world connections in Hollyhock and in the surrounding Frisco area.

“When I started posting my hummus photos on Instagram, everyone in Hollyhock wanted the recipes,” Ray recalls. “That response was very encouraging, because every little ripple affects you. You need support from family, friends and neighbors.”

For Ray, maintaining a consistent daily routine is very important in being a successful stay-at-home Mompreneur.

“Consistency is huge in everything that I do,” she said. “I continue to wake up at 5:30 every morning. I make the beds, go to the gym, and watch the sunrise to admire God’s beauty.”

With the day still young, she comes back home to play with the girls, meditate, and network with other Mompreneurs. She posts her photos and recipes on Instagram between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., which she has found to be an ideal time for getting likes.

She thrives with ongoing motivation from other foodies and Mompreneurs, including @chicasamother, @savannahusher and @woon.heng.

Ray relishes having a new challenge each day.

“You have to be willing to be a beginner every single morning. If you train your brain to be positive, you’ll be more of a positive person,” she says. “Have a good attitude, and it will go a long way. Surround yourself with people who are above you in what they’ve already accomplished, and they will inspire you.”

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