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Susie Williams of Susie's Sweets | Hollyhock Frisco, TX

12 September . 2019

Meet our Mompreneurs: Cookie artist Susie Williams

We continue our series of profiles of Hollyhock’s Mompreneurs with cookie creator Susie Williams.

By day, Hollyhock Mompreneur Susie Williams works full-time as a physical therapist. For her own form of therapy, she loves to create beautiful sugar cookies in her free time.

Though she still hasn’t reached the one-year anniversary of her growing cookie business – she started in early 2019 – Susie estimates she’s baked well over 1,000 cookies so far, helping her neighbors celebrate birthdays, graduations, baby showers and other life events along the way.

Susie grew up loving to bake, and she was also passionate about painting and drawing. Though she put those interests aside while she attended college, got married and started her family, she has recently come back to them. And that’s great news for anybody with a sweet tooth and an eye for art.

Being on maternity leave in late 2018 gave Susie time to think about her love of baking, and also to perfect her sugar cookie recipe and decorating skills.

When she posted some of her cookies on social media, she enjoyed rave reviews from many friends and neighbors. She started Facebook and Instagram pages to promote orders, and when a neighbor messaged her wanting cookies for her son’s birthday party, Susie's Sweets was born.

Susie’s sugar cookies look almost too beautiful to eat, but she’s most proud of the taste and texture

She used her background as a biology major to scientifically perfect a recipe that has a delicate hint of almond extract, with a texture that is firm enough to hold up to a generous amount of icing, but is also soft to the bite.

A transplant from Denver, Susie drew on her science background to fine-tune an icing formula that won’t run or melt in Dallas’ higher heat and humidity.

“People have said my cookies taste amazing, and that makes me very proud,” she says. “For me, cookies begin and end with the taste, because no matter how pretty something is, you have to really enjoy eating it.”

For Susie, being a Mompreneur is all about finding balance and setting priorities.

“It means I’m a mom to Weston first, and an entrepreneur second,” she says. “I have to limit the orders I take, and I’ve even had to turn some down, but I definitely want to keep doing this, in part because it’s therapeutic. It helps me manage stress, the way some people like to knit or enjoy adult coloring books.”

Susie usually accepts one large order a week, or two small ones. Her biggest order so far has been for five dozen cookies for a baby shower.

Susie and her husband, Sean, moved to the Dallas area in 2018, relocating from Colorado. While temporarily renting an apartment, they found Hollyhock when they saw an announcement for an open house. When they got to Hollyhock, the open house was closed, but they fell in love with an available home already under construction, and made the decision to move here within the same day.

In addition to being a thriving side business and source of stress release, Susie’s Sweets has turned out to be a great way to meet the neighbors. “So far this year, I’ve been invited to many parties I’ve also made the cookies for. It’s wonderful to be part of such a friendly and close-knit community,” Susie says.

To see more of Susie’s cookies creations and to place an order, find her at @susiessweetstx on Instagram and Facebook.

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