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Tracey Carrasco Photography | Hollyhock Frisco, TX

04 September . 2019

Meet our Mompreneurs: Tracey Carrasco, Photographer

We continue our series of profiles of Hollyhock’s Mompreneurs with Tracey Carrasco, lifestyle and wedding photographer extraordinaire. 

Tracey Carrasco’s interest in photography began early in life, as she spent many years watching her father, also a photography lover, practice his art.  Before she started a family, she loved to travel and take countless photos in scenic spots in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

When her daughter Ava was born, her passion for photography grew even stronger, as she wanted to capture every moment of her childhood.

“My daughter really was the inspiration and the heart behind my photography business,” Tracey says. “She was my muse in the early stages of photography, and she helped me realize so many families out there go through their own life experiences, and need these moments captured on film.”

Today, Tracey is running a full-time thriving photography business by providing clients lifestyle and wedding services and products.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to balance family life with a full-time business, but Tracey wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Being a Mompreneur means that I am first and foremost a mother to my daughter,” Tracey says.

Tracey says her daughter watches and emulates everything she does, which provides opportunities to teach her by example.

“I am able to be a good role model by communicating openly and honestly with my clients, being punctual, being disciplined by putting in the necessary energy and time to edit each digital image, and fulfilling my end of the contract by delivering a quality service and product to my customers,” she says.

Tracey has also learned how to balance family life with running her own business.

“It all boils down to organization,” she says. ”I have a physical calendar and a mobile phone calendar where I have both personal family appointments and events, as well as professional photography sessions. It’s great to be able to double-check on both ends to ensure there aren’t any events overlapping or mistakes on my end. I make sure there’s an even balance between spending time with my family and having enough time to dedicate to my photography business simply by glancing at my calendars.”

As with most new businesses, Tracey’s biggest challenge, in the beginning, was building a base of customers.

“In the beginning, when business was lean, I had to continually remind myself of why I was doing this,” she said. “And that was because I really wanted to tap into my creative and entrepreneur side. I had previously worked in Corporate America for the last 13 years where the environment was structured and everything was laid out in black and white.  My photography business has allowed me to branch away from that mindset to express my creative energy.”

For Tracey, taking a successful photograph goes far beyond clicking the camera. She can help clients create an entire environment for their photography based on the few ideas that’s given to her, especially if they are trying to develop a new business brand.

When Virginia Elder, a friend from Plano (where the Carrascos lived before moving to Hollyhock), was ready to launch her financial and lifestyle business website, she reached out to Tracey to make her vision come to life through photography.

Tracey helped her friend stage her kitchen and acquire a new wardrobe that perfectly conveyed the theme of the new business, called Happy Healthy Abundance. You can see some of Tracey’s photos at the website or through her online portfolio.

It should come as no surprise that Tracey was first drawn to Hollyhock after seeing beautiful photos of the community’s model homes on Instagram.  In addition to amenities like the Fields House and Fields Park, she and her family are excited about the highly regarded Frisco ISD schools, along with the new PGA of America headquarters under development next to the community.  

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