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23 August . 2021

3 new Frisco ISD schools coming to Hollyhock

Starting in 2022, Frisco ISD will beginning opening three new schools at Hollyhock. By the time school starts in 2023, all students in grades K-12 will attend three gleaming new campuses that have been intentionally designed as “schools of tomorrow.”

Here’s the quick takeaway:

  • Panther Creek High School will open in August, 2022 at PGA Parkway and Dakotah Road.
  • Buddy and Joni Minett Elementary will also open in 2022, on a site at Rockhill Parkway and Peyton Abbey Road.
  • A new Frisco ISD middle school is planned to open in 2023, just north of Panther Creek High School.

No attendance boundaries have been established for these schools, but given their location within and immediately adjacent to Hollyhock, it seems safe to assume that Hollyhock students will be zoned to attend them. Frisco ISD has stated that it will announce attendance boundaries for Panther Creek High and Buddy and Joni Minett Elementary in the fall of 2021.

Here’s more detail on each of these three new schools.

Panther Creek High School

Frisco ISD’s 12th high school, Panther Creek High was designed with input from architecture students at the district’s Career and Technical Education Center, whose perspectives have helped ensure it will be a “school of tomorrow” with open classrooms, natural light and flexible spaces to encourage the creativity of students.

Based on student input, the academic portion of the campus will be three stories to allow students and staff to get from class to class efficiently. Students also requested more outdoor learning spaces, flexible furniture, writable surfaces and open spaces. 

Students said they were consistently inspired by contemporary, modern looks with windows, and the design reflects their preferences.  The campus will blend in with surrounding planned buildings which will also be multiple stories and within the same design aesthetic, “Texas modern.”

Panther Creek High School is located adjacent to PGA Frisco, the new national PGA headquarters, which will also open in summer 2022. Golf will be a natural part of the athletic options for students, as Frisco ISD has partnered with the PGA to make PGA Frisco the home of the district’s golf program, with expanded learning and practice opportunities for students.

Minett Elementary School

Located on Hollyhock’s western edge, Frisco ISD’s new Buddy and Joni Minett Elementary will open its doors in 2022 with a completely new design that embraces modern technology, collaborative learning and other fresh ideas. 

The original plan was to use previous elementary school designs with a few modifications, but school board members decided to completely re-envision the school’s design to make it a showcase of modern learning and teaching philosophies.

After seeking input from students, parents, teachers and community members, Frisco ISD and their architects studied modern learning environments in Frisco and around the world to make sure the new school would incorporate the latest best practices in childhood education.

They came up with a thoroughly modern design that will be filled with natural light and flexible workspaces that encourage collaborative learning. The school will also have a significant outdoor learning area with a performance space, outdoor classroom, shaded gathering area and weather station.

New Middle School

Not too much is known yet about Frisco ISD’s 18th middle school, except that it is planned to open in 2023 on a site along PGA Parkway (formerly Teel Parkway, between Dakotah Road and Championship Drive. (Championship Drive is the new name for Fields Road north of PGA Parkway.

This school site is located immediately north of Panther Creek High School.  Like the high school site, it touches the eastern boundary of Hollyhock.

Until these new campuses open, Hollyhock students already attend some of the most highly ranked campuses in Frisco ISD. See the latest ratings.